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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber With a Sewer Camera


Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber With a Sewer Camera

Homeowners spend an average of $1,105 on annual maintenance, with 30% having to pay for emergency repair services.

While owning a property can be expensive, the best way to cut costs is through preventative maintenance and fixing problems early on.

How can you make sure your pipes remain in tip-top shape? By working with a plumber with a sewer camera.

A sewer camera is a specialty-built waterproof video camera. It snakes through your pipeline to gather images. It can crawl behind walls, below your foundation, within the concrete, and underground.

A certified plumber uses a flexible rod with the camera at the top to navigate your pipes. The technicians inspect your pipeline while creating a digital recording of the inspection. The plumber reviews the results afterward.

Keep reading to explore all of the benefits plumbing pipe cameras can provide you.

1. Identify Various Plumbing Problems

Most pipes run behind walls or under the ground, making it difficult to spot problems. Qualified plumbers use sewer cameras to identify where repairs need to be made. The devices locate clogs, joint issues, cracks, and tree root invasions.


The material buildup causes blockages throughout your pipeline. Excess waste, grease, and food particles prevent water from flowing through your system. The clogs lead to slow drainage, leaking pipes, and extensive water damage.

The hardest part about fixing a clog is locating it. Sewer cameras crawl through plumbing systems to detect clogs. Once the plumbers know the clog’s location, they can make effective repairs.

Joint Issues

The joint is where two pipes connect. It is notoriously known as the weakest region of a pipeline.

A plumber can use a sewer camera to gather close-up views of pipe joints and seals. The camera displays high-def footage of any leaks, cracks, or deterioration in the pipe joints.


Wear and tear lead to damages along the pipeline. Broken and cracked pipes cause water leaks, sewage clogs, and poor water flow.

As the camera navigates through your pipeline, plumbers can see what pipes are cracked or broken. Once the pipes are located, plumbers can restore your pipeline.

Tree Root Invasions

If you’re experiencing slow drainage, decreased water pressure, or frequent clogs, it could be due to a tree root invasion.

Nearby shrubs and trees have roots that can extend into your underground pipeline. Most tree roots can spread two to three times the radius of the tree’s canopy. The roots wrap around pipes and crush them, creating clogs and sewage backups.

A plumber will use a sewer camera to check for tree roots hiding in your plumbing system. Once they are found, the techs will remove them and fix pipe damages.

2. Inspect the Condition of Your Pipes

A plumbing camera creates snapshots of your pipe’s overall condition. The inner workings of your house can easily be forgotten, but a sewer camera inspection can determine your next replacement and repair services.

If you’re purchasing a new home, have a plumber with a sewer camera check it out. The inspection is non-intrusive and gives you insight into the home’s piping system. It can detect corrosion, cracks, and other damages that could create problems later on.

The video footage from the sewer camera inspection can also be used as a visual reference. The snapshots can come in handy when dealing with insurance companies or when it’s time to put your house on the market.

3. Detect Issues Early-On

The sooner you get a plumbing issue repaired, the fewer damages your property will incur, and the less money you’ll have to spend.

A small clog or slow-draining bathtub might go away, but that doesn’t mean all is well within your pipeline. Since the majority of pipes are hidden, repairs tend to go unnoticed. Many property owners don’t realize they have a plumbing problem until it’s too late.

Sewer cameras can locate early problems in your pipes. They crawl throughout drains, sewers, and other piping systems.

Plumbers use the sewer camera footage to locate problems, no matter how small they might be. If a plumber notices anything out-of-the-ordinary, they will investigate. Routine sewer camera inspections are a sure-fire way to locate early pipe problems and prevent plumbing emergencies.

4. Mess-Free Services

Sewer cameras are considered trenchless plumbing tools. They utilize modern technology to make plumbing maintenance simple, fast, and mess-free.

Plumbers who do not use sewer cameras must excavate to get a clear picture of what’s going on below the surface. These traditional methods take a long time and leave your yard in disarray.

Sewer cameras are dig-free devices. A technician just needs a small entry point for the camera to fit into. There are no ugly trenches left behind.

5. Fast Plumbing Inspections

There was a time when property owners dreaded having to call a plumber. Without modern technology, a technician could take hours to locate and fix a problem. Plumbers would have to do a lot of guess-and-check work, without knowing if they actually fixed the issue.

A waterproof plumbing camera gives technicians a clear visual of your pipes. The footage leads to fast and efficient plumbing services.

When you choose a plumbing team that uses sewer cameras, your problems will be found immediately.

Not only do the sewer cameras help locate repairs, but they can also be used to check work. Technicians send a sewer camera back into your pipes to ensure the proper fixes were made, and the problem has been resolved.

Looking for a Plumber With a Sewer Camera?

Technicians rely on sewer cameras to provide customers with exceptional plumbing solutions. Plumbing cameras save people time, money, and hassle. The new-and-improved method resolves problems in drain lines, sewers, and piping systems.

Are you looking for a plumber with a sewer camera near you? You’ve come to the right spot.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest plumbing technology to ensure customers receive the repairs they need. Contact our team to learn more about our plumbing repair services.

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