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This Is How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower


How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower

Most families spend an average of $1,000 on water consumption every year.

Every homeowner wishes to have a fun, relaxing, and fulfilling shower after a long day at work. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to low water pressure problems. The reduced pressure is caused by clogs and dirtiness among other things.

The situation is frustrating, but the good thing is that you can solve it. If you are experiencing this problem right now, read these effective tips on how to increase water pressure in your shower. Most of the tips are DIY, but you can call a plumbing professional if the problem persists.

Check them out:

Clean the Showerheads

Showerheads accumulate dirt as you use them. The dirt comes from mineral sediments, limescale, and other particles found in water. Too much dirt and hard water minerals block the showerheads, making it hard for water to flow at normal pressure.

If you have never checked your showerhead’s status, unscrew it and confirm if it’s dirty. You can remove the showerhead filter as well if it’s there. If the filter is dirty, use a soft brush to wipe off the limescale and the other dirt particles.

If the mineral build-up is persistent, add a few drops of vinegar to it and scrub well. Don’t add the harsh chemicals because they facilitate the corrosion of the showerheads. When done, return the showerhead to its place and test the new water pressure.

Replace the Showerheads

Cleaning may not bring any change if the showerheads are old. Furthermore, you may damage it if you keep on washing every time. An ideal solution would be to replace it with new ones.

The new showerhead will have unclogged spouts and fresh hoses which could bring a difference in the water pressure. Just make sure that you buy the best quality showerheads which cannot break easily. You may consider the adjustable showerheads which allow you to choose different spray options.

Check for Water Leaks

If your showerhead is clean and the pressure is still low, then it will be possible that some pipes are leaking. When the water leaks, it reduces the final amount of water that reaches your showerhead. When unchecked, it can facilitate the growth of molds in your house, and that’s why you should inspect it regularly.

If some pipes are underground, a professional plumber can help you in inspecting them. If the pipes are leaky, the plumber will seal or replace them depending on the damage level.

Shower During Off-Peak Periods

At times, the low-pressure issue may not be caused by faulty equipment. Maybe, you always take a shower when everyone in the neighborhood is showering. If you use the same water with your neighbors, the pressure becomes low because of the wider usage.

The peak periods for showering are in the morning and the evening. At that time, parents and children shower to go to work and school respectively. Changing your bathing schedule can therefore help you avoid the peak, and enjoy high-pressure showers.

Turn Off the Other Appliances

Do you use other washing appliances when showering? Dishwashers, washing machines, and other devices may reduce the heater pressure if you turn them on when showering. They increase the demand for water in your house, and that’s why the pressure decreases.

While this might not be a big issue in homes with great water pressure, it is advisable to use one or two appliances at a time only. For instance, you should shower first; turn on your machine, and later your dishwasher. In this way, you can save energy in your house and increase shower pressure.

Open the Valve

Every house has a main water valve located near the meter. The valve controls the amount of water that gets into the water pipes. If the valve is closed, the pipes do not pass water, and therefore no water reaches the showerhead.

Half opened valves can therefore reduce the water pressure in your shower. This is because the water coming through will be limited. So, confirm if the valve is open and adjust it if it’s not fully open. The adjusting process is simple and you will not need the help of a plumber unless the valves have an underlying issue.

Also, learn to check the condition of the valves regularly. At times, a plumber may adjust the valve unknowingly during a repair and maintenance process.

Check the Water Heater

Does the cold water flow well than the warm shower? If yes, then the water heater could be the problem. But you can’t judge without checking, and that’s why you should open the hot water valve.

Like the regulator, the hot water valve may be closed without your knowledge. When it’s not opened well, the pressure of the water coming from the heater becomes low, and that contributes to the low-pressure issue.

If the valves are okay, check if the hot water filters are dirty. The clogs prevent the continuous flow of water in the shower. You can clean on your own, or call a professional plumber to guide you.

Install a Shower Pressure Booster

A shower pressure booster is a costly but effective option if the other remedies have failed. If you share the same washer with many neighbors, then distance and gravity might cause low pressure.

The shower pressure booster will improve the shower’s water pressure level if you stay in a high story house where the water travels uphill.

Note that the shower pressure installation requires an experienced plumber. The plumber should examine your needs, measure the current pressure, and recommend the ideal shower pressure booster.

Enjoy Your Shower: Learn How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower

There is nothing fun in washing shampoo with slow shower water. The shower should be relaxing and soothing, and not irritating. So don’t suffer in silence.

Follow the above tips to increase shower pressure. You can also call a plumber if the problems seem technical to handle.

The right plumber will help you solve the issue and teach you how to increase water pressure in your shower. Just ensure that the plumber is experienced and reputable.

Eco Plumbing is a reputable plumbing firm in Miami, FL. We fix pipes, drains, showers, and other plumbing issues at affordable rates. Our plumbing industry experience is 25 years, and you can, therefore, entrust us with your plumbing issues.

We can also handle sewage problems in addition to the installation and maintenance of piping systems. Contact us to get a free quotation and learn more about us.

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